Delta State Pilot Study Final Report, Selected Photos (attached pdf)

Jim Murren, Project Gaia, April 2008

Providing Users’ Responses to the Methanol-fueled CleanCook Stove during Project Gaia’s 2007 Pilot Study in Delta State, Nigeria

User Feedback - Clean Cook StoveUser Feedback - Clean Cook Stove

Project Gaia Nigeria Pilot Study Activities Update Delta State, Nigeria 9 April 2007 (1.1 MB pdf)
Joe Obeuh, Harry Stoves, Jim Murren, Project Gaia

METHANOL – The Other Alcohol, A Bridge to a Sustainable Clean Liquid Fuel, July 2000

Project Gaia Research Studies in Ethiopia, Jim Murren, Stokes Consulting Group February 2006

Denan IDP Camp – “1 Birr per Bundle”, Harry Stokes, Gaia Association, Ethopia, January 2006

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