We'd like to take this chance to introduce ourselves as "Havi Industrial (H.K.) Co., Ltd."

We'd like to take this chance to introduce ourselves as "Havi Industrial (H.K.) Co., Ltd.". And we got your contact method through search engine.
Kindly notice we can supply you different models of kerosene stoves with good quality. All the products we supply are under famous brands, including Wheel, Fire Wheel, Big Wheel, Original Wheel, etc. The kerosene stoves have the following characteristics:

  1. Daily use, uses kerosene only;
  2. Durable usage, high quality, blue flame;
  3. All models have soncap certificate;
  4. High production capacity;
  5. Fuel economical stoves.

Our main markets are Africa and Middle East. At it happens you are in these markets, we will be very glad to be your supplier. After your confirmation, we will send our quotation sheet to you without delay.

Look forward to the cooperation with your esteemed company in the near future! Your soon reply will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards

Zak Liu
Havi Industrial (H.K.) Co., Ltd.
Web: E-mail:
Add: Rm 1103, 11/F, Hang Seng Mongkok Building, 677 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852-3069 7821 Fax: +852-3069 7861

Anil K. Rajvanshi
NARI February, 2011

Kerosene lanstove is a device which simultaneously produces very high quality of light, cooks a complete meal for a family of 4-5 people and boils 10 liters of water. The word lanstove has been coined by our Institute NARI ( ). The kerosene combustion is excellent with CO levels less than 3-4 ppm and particulates are within WHO limits. Lanstove is as convenient as LPG stove cooking and has been tested in rural households in India.

BP Arivi Paraffin Stove

February 2009

BP Arivi Paraffin StoveBP Arivi Paraffin Stove
BP Arivi

BP has taken a life-cycle approach, starting with the consumer need, through to regulatory and HSE assessment in the case of BP Arivi. BP Arivi is a low-sulphur paraffin fuel for domestic cooking, providing consumers with access to an affordable, high-value fuel, in safe and child-resistant packaging. Different options were considered to determine the most appropriate fuel to meet the needs of consumers and scrutiny of the supply chain was undertaken to identify key risks We are now commercially piloting this solution in the market in South Africa and there will be further iterations around the process. (Website

Other BP Arivi Links

Designer - Terrestrial ( ) Arivi Stove

Servals Hybrid Pressure Stove
and Venus Energy Efficient Stoves
Rajan Philip, Servals Automation Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India, July 2008 (Rev August 21, 2008)
Hybrid StoveServals Hybrid Stove
Servals Hybrid Stove 2Servals Hybrid Stove

Please visit for more details.

P. Mukundan (098403 56578)
Managing Director
Servals Automation Pvt. Ltd.,
5/1 Balaji Nagar, 1st Street,
Eekatuthangal, Chennai - 600 032.
Tamil Nadu, India
Ph: 044 - 64577181 / 182
Fax: 044 - 45540339
Email: /
Please visit for more details.

Posted July 26, 2008
"Probably you could try the Hybrid Pressure Stove developed by Servals Automation at Chennai, India. This stove uses 30 % vegetable oil and 70 % kerosene - kept in separate tanks. The stove is designed to use Straight Vegetable Oil ( ie. no processing involved ). The stove was developed under my guidance. Rajan Philip

Organisation Profile :

Servals Automation Pvt. Ltd. is a part of Servals Group of four decades experience.

Servals Specialize in manufacturing socially relevant products motivated by Rural Innovation Network –a NGO specializing in incubating and networking rural innovators.

Servals manufacture RAIN GUN –a mega sprinkler used for water management in irrigation and dust abatement and Energy Efficient Kerosene Stove\ Burners.

Servals are assisted by AAVISHKAAR INDIA Micro –Venture Capital fund have their Manufacturing base at Chennai India .

Venus Energy Efficient Stoves manufactured by SERVALS won an International Award in a competition held by Paraffin Safety Association in South Africa .

Venus Burners because of their special features are now used by many Original Equipment manufacturers in India .

Consumo diario de combustible

Desde Argentina,

Necesidades de Combustible:
Leña:.....................................1 kg por persona por día.
Carbón de leña: ....................0,6 kg por persona por día.

Here is a series of photos of the open source paraffin stove being made by New Dawn Engineering. Not shown are the external tank and hose which can be any suitable size or material. It is an FSP stove by type, which is a 'gravity stove' operating at a slightly elevated pressure but without a pump or compressed tank.

This stove is self-extinguishing if tipped over and features a high flame temperature, low CO emissions, excellent stability and robust construction. All the parts are separately replaceable. The frame is mild steel flat bar and the other parts are stainless steel save the screws. The CO/CO2 ratio is particulary low at less than 0.05%. The heating power is 600 to 1800 watts varied by the brass control valve. The pot rests can be changed by the user. The basic unit without the top deck can be bolted under other devices like baking ovens or water heaters.

The fuel consumption is about 6 or more hours per litre on high and 12 hours turned down to 'half'.

Paraffin Single Pot Stove Testing, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, Swaziland, August 2004

Free State Paraffin (FSP) Stove, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, New Dawn Engineering, October 2004
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