Most adopted stove by poor, tribals and farmers in parts of Andhra Pradesh, India, Already facilitated 1500 stoves and the demand is growing every day.
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As the United States biomass thermal and power industry continues to expand, new reliable technologies offering higher efficiency solutions must be introduced. The newly introduced EOS series biomass gasification boiler is among the most energy efficient of AESI’s high-performance, low-maintenance biomass energy plants. The EOS series provides thermal outputs ranging from 600,000 BTU/hr to 20 million BTU/hr, and can be staged to provide increased capacity.

Designed and built by the leaders in the biomass waste to energy market in Europe, Uniconfort, the EOS series builds upon over 50 years of experience and over 4000 successful installations throughout the world. When asked about the highly efficient EOS series, CEO of Uniconfort Davis Zinetti notes, “we must not forget that greater efficiency is associated with less CO2 production. Choosing EOS, therefore, means making a choice in favor of the environment.”

Ecosur: Holey Sawdust Briquettes
Fernando Martirena, September 2003

Here are pictures of our recent development in the field of clay bound briquettes. We have -after a hint from the stoves list, shifted to a holey sawdust briquette which burns far better than our previous versions. We have also re-engineered the machine, which now is more productive...

New Mold

Greetings from Germany, where I am doing a post doctoral research till end of oktober

fernando martirena

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José Fernando Martirena Hernández (Prof. PhD Ing.)

Turning Sawdust Into Charcoal, In Malaysia.
from Auke Koopmans

The Prototype Downdraft Sawdust Carboniser

Elsen Karstad July 3/98
Chardust, Nairobi, Kenya

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