Here is an emergency solar cooker that is made from a cardboard box, aluminum foil, and some glue. Simple, but effective design in order to cook using solar energy.


Solar Still
Frank Shields, Soil Control Lab, Watsonville, CA August 5, 2007
Solar StillSolar Still

Solar Energy Enterprises Company Ltd.
Salih Hamadto, Khartoum, Sudan July 2007

Solar Cookers, Efficient Stoves Help Rural Families Worldwide
Better technology and user marketing attracts help from aid agencies
Cheryl Pellerin, USINFO Staff Writer, September 12, 2007
Solar CookerSolar Cooker
A shopkeeper in Nyakach, Kenya, stands by a solar cooker used for food preparation. (Photo courtesy of Solar Cookers International)

Solar Water Distillation
Anil k Rajvanshi, NARI Phaltan, July 13, 2007

You might enjoy reading the following work on solar distillation.

PippiKneeSocks and "... Dyeing in the Yard"

Dyeing in the YardDyeing in the Yard

Lasting Impacts of a Solar Cooker Project in Bolivia (pdf)
Melanie Szulczewski, Ph. D., Solar Household Energy, Inc. April 2006
Photos and editing by David Whitfield x Director - CEDESOL Foundation

[img_assist|nid=377|title=Cedesol Solar Cooker|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=400|height=300]

Under the auspices of the French NGO Bolivia Inti, alternative energy experts David and Ruth Whitfield introduced solar cooking to many villages in Bolivia between 2000 and 2003. After demonstrating solar cookers in public forums, they then trained those people expressing interest in how to make and use solar cookers.-

Experience with Integrated Cooking/Retained Heat Cooking
David Whitfield, CEDESOL, Cochabamba, Bolivia February 2005

Technology transfer is more a social issue than a technological one.
That is one reason our methods utilizes hands on works shops followed by

Ecological Stoves David Whitfield V CEDESOL La Paz, Bolivia, presentation to Global Village Energy Partnership Latin America Santa Cruz, Bolivia, July 2003

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