Paal Wendelobo, January 2010

Attached you will find a prospect of the new TLUD called MUS (multi use stove).

MUS The multi-use stove.

Nat Mulcahy, January 2010

Spent the day yesterday working with the state department to get more clearance for our shipments. 64 tons of pellets will provide food and clean water for 145000 families.

with 3,000,000 people displaced it will not last long. we are handing our the pellets and peanut shells in paper bags we have measured out to cook one meal or boil three pots of water. the paper bags are about the size one a lunch bag and the bag itself is the tinder to start the stove.

Spend the past two days working with NIH, EPA, The State Department, Haiti, USAID, and the World Bank. LuciaStove production is now set at 3000 per month but we keep being asked to ramp up to 5 to10 times that number.
Today we started casting the larger parts for the Biucci (the institutional version of the LucieStove), see attached. The more we make in haiti the more jobs we create here and the less we have to depend on the very sporadic shipping options.

Wood Pellet Camping ad Biofuel Stove
Deris Jeneatte, Cleardome Solar, april 2008

Here's a stove and solar appliances for the camping set. Some concepts may apply to cooking stoves.

Alex English, October 20, 20000

T-LUD Pellet Stove at BSNB4
Kevin Chisholm, July 8, 2006

I have had the opportunity to attend a local event, the BSNB4 on 2 June 2006, where some impressive technology, at early stages of development, was presented. One of the presentations, a T-LUD pellet stove, burning a 25 pound bag of wood pellets in 15 minutes, had a few rough edges, but it certainly brings the T-LUD to a new height. A suitable exhaust hood would, of course, be required for safe indoor use. See picture.

Prairie Grass Pellet Energy
Joe King, Richard Nelson, Kansas State University 2000

An older site with missing links but good overall reference to pelletizing grasses.

One (Pop) Can Stove, John Frimenko, Columbia, Pa, December 2005

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