Kevin Chisholm, December 2005

Dear All,

Would you think it would be helpful if the Stoves List posed a "General Specification" for stoves?

What is the maximum cost of the stove delivered to the "Customer", in $US equivalent?
What is the maximum allowable cost for installation?

Boiling water? Stewing? Frying? Baking?

Rocket Stove Questions and Answers: Rocket Stove Air Supply - Primary and Secondary Air
Hugh Burnham-Slipper (UK) and Kevin Chisholm (CAN), Dean Still (Aprovecho), AD Karve (ARTI, India) November 25-26, 2006

Rocket DesignRocket Design (Aprovecho)

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Dear Stovers,
The fuel magazine that sticks out the side of a rocket stove is divided into two: above the shelf is where the fuel goes, and air passes under the shelf. Am I right in thinking that the fuel should be packed in as much as possible, to try and minimise the amount of air entering the stove through the fuel inlet? If so, why? My experience is that char builds up at the bottom of the elbow, so air is needed to burn the char (which in turn pyrolises the fuel), and a second air supply is required to burn the volatile gases. Any pointers would be warmly received.
Confused, Hugh.

T-LUD Pellet Stove at BSNB4
Kevin Chisholm, July 8, 2006

I have had the opportunity to attend a local event, the BSNB4 on 2 June 2006, where some impressive technology, at early stages of development, was presented. One of the presentations, a T-LUD pellet stove, burning a 25 pound bag of wood pellets in 15 minutes, had a few rough edges, but it certainly brings the T-LUD to a new height. A suitable exhaust hood would, of course, be required for safe indoor use. See picture.

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