Paal Wendelobo, January 2010

Attached you will find a prospect of the new TLUD called MUS (multi use stove).

MUS The multi-use stove.

Paal Wendelobo, January 2010

What I feel is strongly needed by NGO's and others dealing with Household Energy for Developing Countries; is a list of about top10 actual fuels to be used and top 10 actual types of stoves to be used.


Paal Wendelo has created a pdf of his powerpoint presentation illustrating the comparative wastefulness of traditionally made charcoal compared with his TLUD stove.

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Paal Wendelbo and His “Peko Pe” Top-Lit UpDraft (TLUD) Gasifier Cookstoves
Paul Anderson, January 19, 2009

Paal WendlboPaal Wendlbo

This report is in three parts: pioneer experiences; selection of photographs; and technical specifications of the PP stove. The report is based on e-mail interviews and materials provided by Paal Wendelbo in July 2008 and December to Paul S. Anderson, who has added interpretive content. Mr. Wendelbo has approved the basic content about himself, but Dr. Anderson is responsible for any errors, omissions, and editing.


Peko Pe 3 Liter Test Stove and Fuels
Paal Wendelbo, August 20, 2008
Boiling TestBoiling Test
The Multifuel Combustion System (MFCS) is a flexible system designed for bioenergy household and institutional cooking. It is based on one energy unit (the Peko Pe) which single or multiple will cower all needs of energy for inside and outside cooking. The energy unit has to be seen as a “battery” loaded with energy, and when empty, replaced with a new loaded until the food is ready. Two units of 3 litres will cover the needs of a family, ½ full with fuel for coffee or tea, a bit more for porridge and 1 ½ for the whole meal. For boiling beans, empty the unit and place the pot on the glowing char. A simple handle to hold the pot for mingling the enchima will be a good help. (See the drawing). For institutional cooking more 10litre units will be the best 3 Units will boil 60 litres within 50 minutes and continue boiling 2 more hours on 6kg of chopped wood-sticks. The system can be used for heating air or water, frying, cooking and baking bread, even smoking fish.

The MFCS will be faced the same problems as other type of new stoves and has to be trained, it is boiling faster and saving fuel (saving 2/3), burning with no smoke and little soot (depending a bit on type of fuel)
The system has been working for about 15 years and plans or more information is available by paaw@online.no

Attached you will find some pictures of a simple 3litre teststove I use to test types of biofuel.
1. chopped woodstick from energy forestry.
2. chipped wood from sawmillslabs.
3.wood pellets.

3 Types of Fuels3 Types of Fuels

All types brought 3 litre of water from 17C to 100C within 13-15 minutes. No smoke no soot. Between 600C and 700C flame temperature.
Flame 1Flame 1
Flame 2Flame 2

Peko Pe Stove, Fuels, Charcoal vs Firewood
Paal Wendelbo, Norway, paaw@online.no, June 2008
Peko Pe L and Peko Pe S
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