Projeto Gaia - Estudo piloto do fogão a álcool CleanCook
Jim Murren.,Project Gaia, Marzo 2008

O Etanol de Fazenda
Lucia Kassia, Globo Rural Abril 2007
Pequenos agricultores descobrem a fórmula para ficar longe da bomba do posto e fabricam na propriedade seu próprio combustível.

Ethanol Stove:Development of Stove running on low ethanol concentration, June 2005 Anil Rajvanshi Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute, Phaltan, Maharashtra, India

Only 17.5 % of all Indian homes use LPG as their primary cooking fuel, with 90 % of rural households dependent on some form of biomass. To improve the quality of life of such a large number of people, it is imperative that clean and renewable alternatives are provided for cooking. This paper presents one such. An ethanol stove running on 50 % ethanol-water mixture has been developed at Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI). The stove allows easy flame regu-lation and gives an output similar to the conventionally-used LPG and kerosene stoves. Field tests conducted on the stove show that it is safe to use and very suitable for a typical rural household. In addition, the cost of using the ethanol stove is comparable to those of the conventional liquid fuel alternatives. However, for this stove to be a viable alternative certain policy issues have to be tackled. These have been suggested at the end of this paper.


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