Small Scale Biomass Systems, Renewable Energy: ER 120
Dan Kammen, Renewable Apprpriate Energy Laboratory, US Berekely, January 2002

Rob Bailis, RAEL, UC Berkeley June 2003

CO Fact Sheet in Power Point

Complete combustion of fuels yields only CO2 and water vapor, but when fuels are
burned in non-ideal conditions, other compounds are emitted. These compounds are

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Review of Technologies for the Production and Use of Charcoal
Daniel M. Kammen & Debra J. Lew March 1 2005

Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory Report

Cook Stove Efficiency, Health and Environmental Impacts
Biomass Lab Report
Yanxia Chen, David Pew, Dan Abbott 2002

Laboratory comparison of traditional Kenyan Jiko and improved Kenyan Jiko for Efficiency, Particulate Matter and CO.

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