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From Stuart Conway and Rogerio Miranda

Hola companeros,

Mandanadose un reporte algo grande, pero de interes sobre el trabajo que hice Rogerio y Winrock introduciendo una estufa tipo Justa pero modificado para Peru, la Inkawasi


Dear Colleagues:

The Environmental Health at USAID knowledge management activity has started a news feed on indoor air pollution at:
http://iapnews.wordpress.com and below are titles of recent posts to the news feed.

- Mexico - Quantification of carbon savings from improved biomass cookstove projects
- South Africa: Arivi Paraffin Stove - Finalist in 2009 INDEX Awards
- Guatemala - Personal child and mother carbon monoxide exposures and kitchen levels
- US to fund $600 million clean energy projects in Asia
- DRC - Mercy Corps stove project
- Bangladesh - Indoor air pollution 4th leading risk factor for diseases
- ADB - New partnership aims to expand access to modern energy to 100m people by 2015
- India - World Bank shows interest in alcohol stove
- Kamapla firm wins environmental award for non-char biomass briquettes

We welcome news about your projects, research and publications as well as suggestions and comments.

Best regards,

Dan Campbell, Web Manager
Environmental Health at USAID
1611 North Kent St., Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22209
Ph: 703-247-8722
Email: dcampbell@usaid.gov
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Household Water Treatment Google Group:

National burden of disease in India from indoor air pollution
Kirk Smith, 2000
School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-7360; and East-West Center, Honolulu, HI 96848

Household Woodsmoke and Health in Guatemala
in PCIA Bulletin Issue 7, June 2006
Kirk Smith, RESPIRE (Randomized Exposure Study of Pollution Indoors and Respiratory Effects)

Indoor air Pollution: Post Monitoring Questionaire (pdf)
Urban Community Development Association (UCODEA), Kampala, Uganda

Indoor Air Pollution Measurement Options (pdf)
Kyra Naumoff, Center for Entrepreneurship in International Health & Development

What's Cooking?
Jessica Budds, Adam Biran and Jonathan Rouse October 2001
WELL Water and Environmental Health at London and Loughborough, UK

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