Summary of Aprovecho’s Summer Stove Camp, 2006
By Dean Still and Nordica MacCarty, September 6, 2006

Aprovecho Camp 2006 02Aprovecho Camp 2006 02

Stove Camp 2006 was extremely interesting, especially because we had experts here who could help define what is known, figure out what needed to be done to expand the state of knowledge, and then, most importantly, have the tools to accomplish the experiments.

For Dean, the best moments happened around the table above when Chris Roden, Jonathan Lewis, the Aprovecho staff and everyone tried to get a general feeling for wood-burning stoves effect on global warming. Aprovecho’s recent tests at CSU of greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2, Methane, N2O, NOx, etc. helped to predict the gaseous emissions from the following stoves:
• Three stone fire
• Rocket stove
• Karve Gasifier stove
• Philips fan stove
• Charcoal Jiko stove
• Mayon rice hull burning stove

The gases, however, are only a part of the picture: particles also play an important role in the atmosphere. We learned that elemental (black) carbon particles produced in flames have a warming effect 1000 times greater than CO2 per gram, while organic carbon (white) particles produced by smoldering have a cooling effect 150-200 times stronger than CO2. Thankfully, Chris Roden had brought his and Dr. Tami Bond’s ARACHNE system which could measure the composition of the total PM to determine what percentage of black or white particles were produced by the stoves above. Chris, Damon and Nordica were at the lab till 11pm having a great time testing these stoves. Results should be available soon.

Doing this kind of research in a small lab in Creswell, Oregon for no money is what ETHOS stove camp is all about!

The publicized theme of this year’s camp was a competition to design the cleanest-burning fan stove. Two categories, side feed and top feed were awarded prizes. The top feed prize went to Dr. Paul van der Sluis for the Philips fan stove. The side feed Rocket stove with fan developed by Roger and Sule of Colorado State was the cleanest burning side feed stove. Congratulations to the winners!

Aprovecho Stove Camp 2007 UPDATE: 6-12-2007
Jeremy Roth, Aprovecho Research Center, June 12, 2007

The 2007 Aprovecho Stove Camp is almost 1 month away! We have reserved a group campsite at Dorena Lake (where Dean keeps his sailboat) just outside of Cottage Grove. If you plan on attending Stove Camp, and would like to stay at the campsite (cheaper than a hotel, and much more scenic), please contact Jeremy at Aprovecho to reserve a spot. Total cost per person is $40 for 5 nights. We have the site reserved from 7-15 through 7-19. There are also hotels in Cottage Grove and Creswell for approx. $60 - $100 /night.

Cost for the Stove Camp is $100 for students. $200-$500 for others (Sliding Scale)
Please contact us to sign up!

more info...

Aprovecho / ETHOS Stove Camp 2007- Creswell, Oregon
Jeremy Roth, Aprovecho Research Center, April 26, 2007

Once again, the annual Aprovecho Stove Camp will be held July 16-20 at the Aprovecho Research Center lab in Creswell, Oregon. Click here for a map

More information on the Aprovecho Stove Camp can be found on their website.

The Aprovecho Stove Camp is a chance for people interested and involved in the research, design, construction, and dissemination of biomass cooking stoves to come together for a hands on collaborative event. Participants will discuss, design, build, and test cook stoves in Aprovecho's laboratory. Sessions for newcomers and stove veterans will run concurrently.

Nordica MacCarty will do a training on how to use the Portable Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS) at Stove Camp July 16-20. We can evaluate emissions using the PEMS.

Paul Anderson will teach a session on TLUD (Top Lit Updraft) stoves.

We are awarding a $250 prize to the best natural draft stove...and doing a very thorough two day review called" Almost Everything About Stoves" that will run concurrently as folks build and test best stoves. (Two tracks happening at the same time). Tami Bond will probably be there and Dale Andreatta along with many other notables. Aprovecho has THREE COOL NEW STOVES to share.

COME ONE, COME ALL! Directions, etc. to follow!! Sailing on the lake, too!

Dean Still

One Day at Aprovecho Stove Camp 2006
Tom Miles September 16, 2006

Comparing Cook Stoves (pdf)
Dean Still, Aprovecho Research Institute, ETHOS January 2006

Performance benchmarks for biomass cooking stoves were presented at the 2006 ETHOS (Engineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service) conference by Dean Still, Nordica Hudelson and Damon Ogle of Aprovecho Research Center. The benchmarks will be useful to stove designers and developers to compare their stoves against many others. The benchmarks were derived from tests of 20 stoves (9 replications each) in work funded by Shell Foundation and the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (USEPA).

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