EnterpriseWorks/VITA (EWV)

The Gyapa stove is a stove that EnterpriseWorks/VITA (EWV) brought to Ghana with the help of the Shell Foundation and USAID.

Gasifying Rocket Stove
Dean Still, Nordica MacCarty, Aprovecho Research Center, July 12, 2007

Understanding Wood Wastes as Fuel TECHNICAL PAPER #46
Jon Vogler, VITA, Volunteers in Technical Assistance, Arlington, Virginia 22209 USA 1986

Firewood Crops: Shrub and Tree Species for Energy Production
US National research Council, Washington D.C. for US Agency for International Develoment, 1980 PB81-150716 (NTIS)

Haiti - Fuelwood, Charcoal and Stoves Projects
Tom Miles August 5, 2006

Following is a preliminary list of fuel, charcoal and cooking stoves projects in Haiti.

FHE (Fondation Haitienne de L'Environnement/The Haitian Environmental Foundation), 1999+ Jean Andre Victor with USAID and UNDP, briquettes made from recycled paper.

Instructional Video "Building a VITA Stove"
Jeremy Roth, Aprovecho Research Center, June 13th 2006

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Biomass Stoves: Engineering Design, Development, and Dissemination
Samuel F. Baldwin, Princeton University 1987

Published by VITA in 1987. This work should be studied by anyone involved in stoves development. Thanks to Dean Still, Aprovecho, for locating it on the web.

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