The Flames of Hope: A Berkeley physicist has found a way to help keep Darfurians alive, by building a better kitchen stove.
By Barrett Sheridan, Newsweek, July 16, 2007

Experiences Using a Hand Crank Generator for Fan Stoves
Charlie Sellers and Brad Ballard, January 2008
Hand Crank GeneratorSelect imge to enlarge

For about four months I have had a hand crank powered LED flashlight that I have been very impressed with (http://www.freeplayenergy.com/products/illumination/jonta, and other retailers such as REI sell it for less - ~$50) – it can either be charged by its AC adapter or by turning a hand crank, the high performance LED is extremely bright, the flashlight has several intensity settings, it lasts longer on a full charge than I can easily measure, and my model is heavily rubberized for ruggedness and waterproof characteristics. It is by far the best of the many LED flashlights that I have tried, including both moving magnet and straight battery powered ones – this one seems very bombproof and efficient; several of us have been very pleased with it.

Berkeley improved stove featured on Voice of America Broadcast
David Whitfield, CEDESOL, Bolivia, November 10, 2006

Darfur Stoves website darfurstoves.lbl.gov

TEXT from VOA News pertaining to Berkeley improved stove.

Aprovecho Biomass Stove Camp 2006
Charlie Sellers, EWB-SFP Appropriate Technology Design Team, August 27, 2006

See Charlie's blog on the ETHOS/Aprovecho Stove Camp

Berkeley Tara - Darfur Improved Stove (pdf)
Ashok Gadgil and Susan Amrose, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), July 15, 2006

I returned two days ago from Darfur. Susan Amrose is still in Khartoum, will return tomorrow. We visited El Fashir (and Abu Shouk camp), Nyala (and Otash camp), and of course Khartoum. Our hosts for this trip was the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and CHF International.

Darfur FESDarfur FES

I would like to send you all the powerpoint presentation that Susan and I gave at the meetings of NGOs and funders in Khartoum, Nyala and El Fashir, organized by UNFPA. We think the presentations were very well received.

kind regards,

-- Ashok

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