the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) December, 2011

PCIA Bulletin Issue 29

This Bulletin focuses fuels for clean burning stoves. As they note, a lot of effort has been focused on wood burning stoves, but in urban areas, stick wood is hard to come by, and charcoal is a much more popular fuel. There's a good reason for this, studies have shown that charcoal stoves have up to 90% less indoor air pollution than similar wood stoves. In urban areas, there is a noticeable improvement in indoor air quality simply by shifting to charcoal burning. Additionally, biomass fuel briquettes, pellets, and other densified paper burning stoves are showing a lot of promise in urban areas so this bulletin profiles projects that use urban waste to create fuel briquettes that can be sold to stove owners.


Jan Bianchi, November, 2011

PCIA Bulletin, October 2009
(See the attached pdf file for the complete bulletin)

This issue's introduction was written by
Guest Editor Nordica McCarty, Laboratory
Manager at Aprovecho Research Center.

PCIA Bulletin Issue #17
Partners in Clean Indoor Air, November 6, 2008

Dear PCIA Partners,

We have published the 17th issue of the PCIA Bulletin!

PCIA Bulletin Issue 16: Partners in Asia
Partners for Clean Indoor Air, July 2008

Principios de diseño para estufas de cocción con leña
Alianza para Aire Limpio Intradomiciliario (PCIA) 10 julio 2006

La Alianza para Aire Limpio Intradomiciliario (descrito aquí como Alianza o PCIA por sus siglas en inglés, “Partnership for Clean Indoor Air”) fue establecida por la Agencia de Protección del Medio Ambiente de los Estados Unidos y otros socios principales de la Cumbre Mundial sobre el Desarrollo Sostenible en Johannesburgo

PCIA Bulletin 14: PCIA Partners in Africa
Partnership for Clean Indoor Air, January 7,2008

Dear Partners,

We have published the 14th issue of the PCIA Bulletin!


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