A Chef from São Paulo, who built a carry on rocket pizza oven, and sell gourmet pizzas on the streets of São Paulo.

And Rogério's Ecostove

For more about the EcoFagoa see Jordan

Rogerio Carneiro de Miranda shared his new video that highlights the features of the Ecofogão in Brazil.

It is is a rocket style stove that uses wood to heat a cast iron griddle and an oven. It is an efficient stove that also includes an chimney, and the option to build it into an attractive and functional kitchen island. They also have an option that heats water (for washing or bathing).

For more information, and pictures, and to buy the stove, see their website:

As palavras marcadas com asterisco (*) aparecem no glossário como verbetes.

See the pdf:

“Tapping the Potential of Proalcool for the Household Energy Sector” Shell Foundation Project # 21316 Results of Project Gaia’s 100 CleanCook Stove Pilot Study Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Regina Couto, Director Project Gaia Brazil, for Banco do Povo 17 January 2007

Apresentaco do Ecofogao (Introducing the Ecofogao) Rogerio Carneiro de Miranda, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil, Mar 2004

O ECOFOGÃO é um fogão a lenha de conceito tecnológico moderno.

Primeiramente ele é compacto e portátil, permitindo seu transporte de maneira fácil. Sua instalação é rápida e ocupa pouco espaço.

Ecofogao/Ecostove Brochure, Stuart Conway, Trees Water and People, April 2005

Green-Charcoal, (pdf) 3 TPD, Pro-Natura International, France, Courtesy Fernando Martirena, September 2005

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