Here is a report on the recent micro gasifier camp in Honduras from Timothy Longwell

Ecocina Stove by Stove Team International
Don Steely, Stove Team International, January 9, 2008

Ecocina StoveEcocina Stove

The attached pdf has the updated, and best drawings for the Ecocina stove.

Ecocina Stove in Guayabo, San Lorenzo, Honduras
Larry Winiarski, Gustavo Pena, Ken Goyer, Don Steely, Stove Team International, December 23, 2007

Ecocina Stove, HondurasEcocina Stove, Honduras

A Visual Guide to Building The Estufa Justa (English and Spanish)
Jim Wilmes, Una-Familia, Trees Water and People

Step By Step Instructions for building a Justa stove by Jim Wilmes, Unafamilia, volunteer for Aprovicho and Trees Water and People

The Justa stove, named for Doña Justa Nuñez of Suyapa, Honduras who helped to design it, is one of many varieties of stoves that use a technology called the "rocket elbow" invented by Dr. Larry Winiarski. The category of stoves is often referred to as "rocket stoves". They are simple biomass stoves built around an insulated, elbow-shaped combustion chamber which provides more intense heat and cleaner combustion than an open fire, while consuming less fuel. In the Justa stove the elbow is formed from two ceramic cylinders made of a mixture of clay, manure and tree resin. Ashes or pumice are usually used for insulation.

The Justa stove has a sealed metal plancha that sits above a stove made of bricks, and a chimney that carries the smoke outside. Other models of rocket stoves may have holes in the plancha. Below the chimney there is a channel that catches the soot that falls down when the chimney is cleaned, so that it can be removed from the stove. One can cook tortillas directly on the metal surface, and cook other foods in metal or enamel pots. The stove is generally built on some type of base that serves as a place to temporarily store firewood or food items that are being prepared. A simple base can be made from concrete blocks and filled with earth. The following pictures show the process that is used in Suyapa, Honduras by the Honduran Development Association (AHDESA) to build the stove. Although most of the people building the demonstration stove in these pictures are men, it is generally the women of the community who build the stoves in Suyapa.

EcoBarril and Rocket Stoves from Honduras MicroEnterprise Project, Honduras, Stuart Conway, Trees Water and People, January 14 2005
Nike Air Force

Ecofogao/Ecostove Brochure, Stuart Conway, Trees Water and People, April 2005

Justa Stove, Patrick Flynn, Trees Water & People, September 2005

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Honduras Micro-Enterprise Stoves, Patrick Flynn, Trees Water and People, September 2005

Honduras Microenterprise Project Stuart Conway, Trees, Water and People, December 2005

Hi Stovers,

Things are really taking off at our Honduras micro-enterprise project with AHDESA. We finally received the $25,000 from Rotary clubs and RI to spend on stove materials and for tools and equipment for the three metal shops - Ricardo Cruz, Marven Cordova, and Mario Nunez - Dona Justa's son. That had been holding back our production. Now, we will be able to produce 40 - 50 stoves/metal shop/month + the stove production from AHDESA's shop. AHDESA has had four TV interviews over the last month, and people are constantly calling or visiting the AHDESA office to look at or buy stoves. Suprisingly, the more expensive EcoHorno (Ecostove with oven) and the EcoTortillera (an EcoStove with a larger griddle) are more popular with the general public than the EcoStove so far. Sending a picture of the EcoStove production at the AHDESA shop/office.

Take care,

Stuart Conway
Trees, Water and People

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