Larry Winarski, December, 2009

low cost, artisan , rocket stoves are being made. Some have been presented at ETHOS.Students of SIFAT have sent back pictures of making rocket stoves in their countries.

Jon and Flip anderson are teaching and improving simplified molding methods for making the Haiti rocket That I introduced in Haiti for Stuart's trees,water, people.

Ken Goyer's Aidafrica is making molded rockets as well as six brick rockets

VJ and Dan Wolfe have been teaching how to make six brick rockets

Rok is teaching how to mold rocket stoves for brickettes.I think he put a video on youtube.

Patricia McArdle made a youtube video of me teaching how to make the 16 brick adobe rocket stove in Mexico\with Wilfred's integrated cooking team. Many people have seen this.

the molded "big foot" rocket stove is made in Rwanda

How to Make a Tin Can Rocket Stove
Larry Winiarski, Aprovecho Research Center, September 2008

How to Make a 16 Brick Rocket Stove
Larry Winiarski, Rotary International, Santiago Tlautla, Mexico, July 2008

Dr. Larry Winiarski makes a clean burning rocket stove using 16 adobe bricks at the Rotary International-sponsored Integrated Cooking Workshop in Tlautla, Mexico

Ecocina Stove in Guayabo, San Lorenzo, Honduras
Larry Winiarski, Gustavo Pena, Ken Goyer, Don Steely, Stove Team International, December 23, 2007

Ecocina Stove, HondurasEcocina Stove, Honduras

Winiarski Solar Still
Larry Winiarski, Aprovecho Research Center, June 12, 2007

Ten Stove Design Principles, Larry Winiarski, Dean Still, Aprovecho, August 2005

Institutional Rocket Stove, Larry Winiarsky, Aprovecho Research Center, February 2006

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