Refugee announces the stumpy biochar combination cooker.

Its a tlud its a rocket stove it has many applications and fully customisable.
Simple design utilises waste LPG tanks to provide safe efficent cheap cooking.

Designed and Made in Australia by Biochar Project and Labrador Mens shed.

See the complete story on

Open source free design

Nat Mulcahy, January 2010

Spent the day yesterday working with the state department to get more clearance for our shipments. 64 tons of pellets will provide food and clean water for 145000 families.

with 3,000,000 people displaced it will not last long. we are handing our the pellets and peanut shells in paper bags we have measured out to cook one meal or boil three pots of water. the paper bags are about the size one a lunch bag and the bag itself is the tinder to start the stove.

Spend the past two days working with NIH, EPA, The State Department, Haiti, USAID, and the World Bank. LuciaStove production is now set at 3000 per month but we keep being asked to ramp up to 5 to10 times that number.
Today we started casting the larger parts for the Biucci (the institutional version of the LucieStove), see attached. The more we make in haiti the more jobs we create here and the less we have to depend on the very sporadic shipping options.

Here is an emergency solar cooker that is made from a cardboard box, aluminum foil, and some glue. Simple, but effective design in order to cook using solar energy.


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CleanCook StoveCleanCook Stove

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Geoshelter with Entry DoorGeoshelter with Entry Door

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Aiduganda has been installing stoves in Uganda and Darfur. The following are links to images and videos from those activities courtesy of Ken Goyer.

Why are these Women Carrying Stoves on their Heads?

Cooking with the standard pot in Darfur

SixBricks Rocket stoves in Lira Refugee Camps

Bonga Narrative Survey Report Bonga UNHCR Resettlement Camp, Ethiopia
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