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Phillips develops a woodstove that saves lives and preserves energy resources, Paul van der Sluis, Phillips Research, Eindhoven, Netherlands, March 2006

Diez Principios de Diseño para Estufas de Leña, Translated by Jim Wilmes, Una familia February 2006
Air Jordan

Designing a Clean-Burning, High-Efficiency, Dung-Burning Stove: Lessons in cooking with cow patties. (pdf) Mark Witt, Kristina Weyer, David Manning Aprovecho Research Center, ASAT Lab, February 2006

David Pennise, Rob Bailis Center for Entrepreneurship in International Health and Development (CEIHD) February 2006

A useful list of stove performance tests has been posted to the CEIHD website at UC Berkely.

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, New Dawn Engineering, Swaziland, March 2006

Dear Stove Builders

Getting stove dimensions, particularly pot-stove body clearances, is no simple matter because of the many different considerations that must be resolved simultaneously.

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Rice Husk Gas Stove Handbook, (3.6 MB) Alexis T Belonio, Appropriate Technology Center, Iloilo City, Philippines