Small-Scale Rice Husk Gasifier Plant for Community Street Lighting

Alexis Belonio, Victoriano Ocon, and Antionio Co

Garbage-In Fuel-Out (GIFO) Project,
Suki Trading Corporation, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines

This project is a cooperation between Suki Trading Corp. and Kanvar Enterprises and the Centre for Rice Husk Technoloy (CRHET).

It built a gasifier plant that uses discarded rice husks for fuel and generates enough electricity to power a community street lighting project.

The gasifier is a small moving-bed downdraft gasifier developed by CRHET together with gas conditioning devices that filter the gas and make it a good fuel for heat engines.

For more detail, see the attached pdf. Scale Rice_Husk_Gasifier_Plan_ for_Community_Street_Ligting.pdf
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