Fish Smoker References
Andrew Parker, May 10, 2007

Chorkor oven being used for bonga at Bonfi (Conakry, Guinea)Chorkor oven being used for bonga at Bonfi (Conakry, Guinea)

Vitagoat Steam Boiler
Malnutrition Matters, Ottawa, Canada

Steam boiler: Operates on wood or other solid fuels or liquid gas. Steam-injected pressure -cooking can be 10 times more fuel efficient than traditional open fire cooking and more efficient than improved stove-design cooking. Water is heated in an inner chamber and the resulting steam is re-heated in a tube, creating a “superheated steam” that is much hotter than regular steam. The steam is then fed into the cooker. The boiler is inexpensive to build, safe, and can be taken apart for cleaning, which is critical since most boilers accumulate scale on their inner shells and eventually fail.

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