Biogás compacto

Teaching Renewable Energies and Sustainability in the School of Diogo Vaz (São Tomé, Africa)

This work aims to show how sustainability and renewable energies could benefit a rural area of Africa (in São Tomé) by means of using solar energy and biogas. Applying these technologies requires ingeniousness and little founding, the favourable outcomes are becoming less dependent of fossil fuels (wood, coal and gasoline) while saving time and, more importantly, the forest. We have taught how to design, build and operate systems for cooking, lighting and water-heating that use renewable sources of energy.

Biodigestores Familiares - Guia de Diseno y Manual de Instalacion
Jaimie Marti Herrero, Proagro/GTZ, Bolivia Noviembre 2008
Biodigestores de polietileno tubular de bajo costo para tropico, valle y antiplano

Biodigestor Familiar
Biodigestor Familiar
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