Modern Energy Saving Stoves in East African Kitchens

The Cookswell Energy Saving Cookstove (Jiko) Company

Charcoal stoves in Kenya are probably one of the most recognized and widely used kitchen appliances in the Nation. Since the 1920’s, Jiko’s (as they are known in Kiswahili) have been an essential part of Kenyan cooking, from ugali to chicken masala, from roast maize to roast lamb, Jikos are as widely used as ever and are fast becoming more user friendly and more energy efficient every year.
Cooking with charcoal provides an even heat source that is also very cheap and reliable in comparison to gas/electricity. Given the multiple uses of a good Jiko; cooking, drying clothes, space heating etc. they are a must-have item in any Kenyan kitchen. And with their use of charcoal which is derived from trees, switching to an efficiently designed Jiko saves time, money and our forests. (We also stock indigenous tree seeds for planting your own future charcoal source)

The Cookswell line of energy saving cookstoves and ovens was pioneered in Kenya by Dr. Maxwell Kinyanjui in 1982 under a Ministry of Energy project to develop a cookstove that would reduce charcoal use by 50%. Since the end of the project, the Kenya Ceramic Jiko and other designs have become the most successfully adapted improved stoves in Africa.
In 1992 Dr. Kinyanjui made the initial prototype of the ‘Kimaki bbq jiko’ that then became the Cookswell Energy Efficient Charcoal Oven, which are domestic and business sized convection ovens designed for baking and roasting on just a few small handfuls of charcoal. Using a Cookswell Charcoal Oven means zero dependence on electricity and Oil or Gas for all of your household cooking needs. This can translate into reducing your energy bills by up to 70% through switching to charcoal.
The ovens are designed to provide an even heat flow throughout the cooking area so flipping and turning of the food is un-needed. The heat can be controlled from between 150F-450F by using the air inlet. The ovens come with a factory standard alloy-zinc body, steel legs with non-slip feet and have a inbuilt no-mess ashtray and drippings tray.
Our ovens range in price from 8000Ksh for our smallest domestic sizes that can bake 3 loaves of bread to 37,000Ksh for our largest heavy duty commercial ovens that bake over 80 per load.
Baking is nutritionally a much better and easier form of cooking that preserves the nutrients in the food and allows for a wide array of food combinations that require less fat and oil to cook. With the reemergence of knowledge of the health benefits of traditional foods, Cookswell ovens makes preparing all of your best dishes that much easier and pocket friendly for healthy meals for your whole family. Free range kinyeji chicken with an arrowroot/butternut squash rosemary medley, or sweet potato bread to go with tea in the morning the options are limitless.
For Oven users in the commercial sector, a Cookswell Oven will save you money and improve on your quality and standards of service, from optional hot water heater tanks to huge savings on your energy bills and even providing heated plates for that extra touch, Cookswells quality reflects your choice of high quality in your kitchen products.

Over the years due to constant positive consumer feedback and market demand, we now have a wide range of charcoal saving stoves as seen below.

Our two flagship products have been stocked in Nakumatt and Uchumi Supermarkets for over 12 years and we have also opened a collection center in Westlands for all other orders. Satellite retail stores include: Chardust Ltd. Nairobi, Olerai Ltd. Narok and Charangani Hardware, Nanyuki.
Our customer care team is ready to help you choose which stove is best for your needs 24hrs a day and our factory direct sales outlet in Lower Kabete is open for unbeatable prices is open 6 days a week.

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