General Purpose iCan updated

Jock Gill, May, 2011

Jock has updated his iCan instructions on Flickr:

from Jock's email:

The triplets of triplets in the secondary air supply is a significant improvement.

The 18-12-6 iCan now has much greater total time with a very well behaved flame and an air fuel mixture that is lean to good for most of the run.
There are still several minutes of a too rich mixture that does emit some soot.

Run time on 350 grams was 27:45, most of the smoke was gone within 2 minutes, just two floaters, and the biochar had a good clean nose. This is about as good as I have gotten so far.



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<p>I have now simplified this further. My new experiments are with three sets of holes spaced evenly at intervals of 1/3 the circumference. This centers the secondary air holes at 120 degree intervals. Initial testing suggests improved turbulence in the burning gases.</p> <p>In a small soup can, my first test platform, I use three sets of four holes made with a 5/16ths inch bit. The holes in a set are arranged in a diamond pattern: One above, one below, and two on the center line. This is done to keep the injection point as compact as possible. Other arrangements will be tested in a few weeks.</p> <p>There are pictures of this posted on my Flicker site. I call this the iCan Modell II:</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>I look forward to all comments and suggestions.</p> <p>Regards,</p> <p>Jock</p>