Report on Improved Dung Burning Stove in Tibet

Report on Improved Dung Burning Stove in Tibet
Mike Hatfield, Aprovecho Research Center and GTZ, July 16-August 4, 2006

Tibet Traditional StoveTibet Traditional Stove

Aprovecho was asked by GTZ to look at and suggest improvements for the traditional stove being used in Tibet for cooking and house heating using animal dung. Aprovecho spent the Fall/Winter of 2005 looking at dung combustion and coming up with a combustion chamber that will burn dung efficiently. I will refer you to our report on that research but will focus here on my work in Tibet.


My work in Tibet consisted in three stages, (1) Upon Arrival in Lhasa I talked with our Tibetan partners as to any cultural and logistical restraints there Traditional Dung Cooking/ were for stove modifications. From this I made a variety of prototypes with Heating stove GTZNIKE AIR MAX