Swosthee Stove

Pictures and Drawings of the Swosthee Stove, from Auke Koopmans (Aug 21/98)


Single Pan Wood Stove Of High efficiency A Fuel Efficient
Portable Cookstove,
Svathi Bhogle

Swosthee is a portable metallic single pan stove designed at
the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. It has a heat
utilisation efficiency of 32 % which is the highest among
all single pan stoves in India today. Even by a conservative
estimate, usage of high efficiency stoves like Swosthee can
conserve 84 million tonnes of firewood annually in India
alone. Some other salient features of the stove are:

  • It is a multifuel stove capable of burning a variety of biomass like firewood,coconut shells, cowdung cakes, twigs and briquetted agricultural residue.
  • Reduced emissions (CO - less than 20 PPM at the operator level and Suspended Particulate Matter in the range of 1.0- 1.5 mg/m3). A power input of 3.5 kW.
  • Easy ignition and maintenance.
  • Versatility -The stove can be used with vessels of all sizes and shapes and is suitable for cooking all types of common dishes.

The Swosthee stove is designed by a team of scient-
ific workers who do not use firewood burning stove as a part
of their daily routine. Their objective was to design astove
with a maximum heat utilisation efficiency, minimum release
of hazardous emissions and as user friendly as could be per-
ceived by them. A survey was therefore carried out among
rural, semi-rural and urban households to obtain first hand
information on stove usage, cooking practices and user
response to Swosthee stoves.A near unanimous conclusion from
the survey was that the Swosthee stove saves fuel and time
and also emits significantly less smoke than traditional
stoves. All types of users found the stove to be sturdy,
stable and easy to ignite and maintain. Other inferences that
can be drawn from the survey are:

  • The Swosthee stove is ideal for a family size of 5-6 members.
  • The Swosthee stove is especially suited for houses having roofs made of reinforced concrete,asbestos or other sheets and thatch.
  • The Swosthee stove has a high acceptability among households living in urban slums where the size of the house is small.

The survey also categorically confirmed that the two most
important attributes that a potential user is looking for in
a cooking device is a reduction in the cooking time and a
saving in the fuel bill. Swosthee stoves will meet the cook-
ing requirements of a variety of users not only in India but
elsewherein the world as well besides reducing deforestation
and emission of hazardous emissions.

For further information or correspondence please Contact:

Mrs. Gayathri V
Combustion Gasification & Propulsion
Laboratory, [CGPL]
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012, India

E-mail: gayathri@aero.iisc.ernet.in
Fax: +91-80-3341683
Tel : +91-80-3348536, +91-80-3092338

From BUN-India December 1996

From Sam Baldwin (1985):

The nozzle stove (Figure 8), for example, uses a section of a cone just above the fuelbed to establish zones in which gases from the edge of the diffusion flame can recirculate until they diffuse to the center of the flame and burn completely. Additionally, this prototype nozzle stove injects primary air at an angle to the combustion chamber to promote swirl and thus improve fuel-air mixing(18, 19).
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