Building solar cookers in hands on course - ETHOS/CEDESOL Summer 2006

Building Solar Cookers in Hands-on Course (pdf)
Second report filed by Ethos/CEDESOL team - Summer 2006 CEDESOL

This is the second in what we hope to be a series of "weekly" reports by the ETHOS team working with CEDESOL in Bolivia this summer (northern hemisphere). Their first report is located at

CEDESOL's goal with the ETHOS team this year is to document the performance of our rocket stoves, solar cookers, retained heat cookers, institutional stoves and help them learn about other cultures by the direct contact method.

Their adventure begins in "the laboratory" but soon becomes hands on in rural settings. They will work in 3 different distinct climate zones during their research activities.

Zach and Clayton describe their first experiences at building solar cookers in the hands-on workshops given by Sobre la Roca, a Bolivian micro-enterprise dedicated to spreading the use of "Ecological Cookers" used in integrated cooking. In these work shops, participants learn to use solar, efficient wood burning rocket stoves and retained heat cookers in combination with their traditional energy sources.

A thesis written by Christopher Pell has documented that its advantages have caused over 95% of participants to continue to use their solar cookers years after their initial training. This resounding acceptance of solar energy as an alternative fuel provides numerous benefits, including statistically significant savings in fuel expenditure, a reduction in the inhalation of toxic smoke and of the environmental degradation due to the consumption of fuel.

The next report will be dealing with the new 2 burner sunken pot, plancha rocket stove with chimney, recently developed by CEDESOL. This stove is also used in the solar cooking workshops and pictures are seen in this report.

Please contact David Whitfield david.cedesol at for further information.
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