Solar Cooking Videos

Solar Cooking Videos
YouTube July 2007

3-D Cooking:Rocket Stoves, Hay Boxes and Solar Cookers The Solution Rises Every Morning Rwanda, Cally Alles, Wilfred & Marie Pimental, Rotary International, Solar Cooker Rwanda Association

Wilfred & Marie are 80 years old but travel regularly to teach solar cooking in Rwanda. They have a partner in Cally Alles, the director of Sorwathe tea factory. Cally has organized the people into local associations and hosts trainings at the factory. Cooking with the sun is simple but people need convincing. Carboard and aluminum? Just a few hours to cook beans? No stirring and no burning?
It's useless to tell a starving man to grow corn and "Don't cut the trees" won't do a thing for the environment when there's no alternative. Solar cooking is the solution in Central Africa where there's plenty of sun and little firewood. But there's another benefit. In the countryside there are few villages. People live in scattered clay houses miles apart. Solar cooking associations give them a reason to get together. In fact, they were so inspired by Cally's work on their behalf that they wrote a song for him and performed it when we arrived.
To support the work of solar cooking in Rwanda, contact Marie & Wilfred. Their details are at

Suncookers Kenya

Suncookers Kenya
March 29, 2007 This film has been extremely well recieved in recent film festivals including the Woodstock Film Festival, and will be screened in the upcoming Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival. This new film shot in Kenya in 2006, follows Margaret Owino, of Solar Cookers International in Nairobi, as she teaches refugees how to use solar cooking. Deforestation in Kenya has made the firewood and charcoal, that the refugees use to cook, incredibly scarce. The use of solar cooking helps prevent further deforestation and is cheaper than the limited and costly firewood. As SuNews in Kenya reports, "For millions of people living in dry, fuel scarce regions, solar cookers can literally save lives." This inspirational new DVD features recipes to use in solar cooking, as well as information to create your own solar cooker. Produced and Directed by Catherine Scott Executive Producer DeeDee Halleck featuring: Margaret Owino of Solar Cookers International in Nairobi, Elizabeth Auma Oranga, Pastor Alloyes Ogollo, and Shadrack Alumai Duma

Somalia's solar cooking village

Bander Bayla is Somalia's first solar cooking village. 950 solar stoves were distributed. See pictures of this beautiful, remote, tsunami affected village.

Solar Cooking in Somalia May 2007

A colorful array of characters have fun as they use their solar stoves in Bosaso, Somalia. Somalis are photogenic. See a kaleidoscope of interesting faces.

Solar Cooker Japan in KENYA

Balloon Cooker image video.

Solar cooking Zanzibar

herrvierkoetter made this video.It explains how to make Halua, a traditional sweet from Zanzibar, on your solar cooker. Always wear sunglasses!

Solar Cooking in Darfur, Sudan

This is a solar cooker workshop in Nyala, Darfur. As the women look for firewood around the displacement camps they face the danger of rape and abduction. Solar cooking offers an alternative to using firewood for cooking.

solar cooker in Lesotho

SamWhiteBoston showing what Ivan designed in Behtel Lesotho

Mayan Solar Cookers

Lorena Harp demonstrates this growing technology at Mayan Conference November 2006.For more information contact

Solar Roast Coffee

A Solar Powered coffee roaster, uses focused energy from the sun to roast coffee beans, uses no fuels on earth!


Solar Cookerfor for Charawe Zanzibar

A solar cooker is delivered to a village in the Zanzibar archipelago. Women of a handicraft cooperative within the Moto network purchased the cooker. They use it for dyeing. Solarafrica Network

Spanish Omelette

Pep prepares an omelette on a solar cooker in Zanzibar

TV in Bububu

demonstration of solar cooker for Zanzibar Television

Cocina Solar

Video sobre la campaña "Cocina con El Sol" llevada a cabo por ISF en el Pais Vasco. 2007.

Estufa Solar Chiapas, Mexico

estufa solar cocina barbacoa

con los rayos del sol de cocinaron 6 Kg de barbacoa durante de 2 - 3 horas para 20 comensales

Forno Solar Brasil

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