Summer 2006 CEDESOL Testing Procedures

Summer 2006 CEDESOL Testing Procedures (pdf)
Clayton Rohman & Zach Steffens
ETHOS volunteers, CEDESOL, Bolivia June 8, 2006

Here is the first report filed by the CEDESOL ETHOS team. This is based
on last week's work.

This week they are doing a solar cooker building course and will file that next week. We are trying to make the case for integrated use of solar, efficient biomass and retained heat.

This report begins dealing with those issues and demonstrates established testing procedures. We will do the same thing with ulog and sk 14 solar cookers, hotpot, panel in bag cookers and retained heat cookers, during the 8 to 12 weeks the CEDESOL/ETHOS team is together. i think it is significant that the students from last year are returning this year after graduating and having raised money to help facilitate solar cooker courses, plus they took one of our ulog solar cooker kits back to the states last year and used it as a teaching tool in their engineering department and in the ETHOS program.

David Whitfield