2006 Ashden Award Finalists Announced

For the 2006 Ashden Award finalists announced 30 May 2006 see: http://www.ashdenawards.org/press_release_05_2006
Spanish: http://www.ashdenawards.org/informe_de_prensa06 in Spanish
Among the finalists are organizations that contribute to these discussions.

Congratulations to Aprovecho/ProBec, ARTI, GERES (CFSP) and GIRA.

Finalists 2006:

Aprovecho/ProBEC, southern Africa, who have developed and distributed 1,500 stoves to institutions across southern Africa that are uniquely designed to dramatically cut fuel wood use and reduce indoor air pollution.

ARTI, India, for the design of a revolutionary biogas system that generates gas for cooking from food waste and other sugary and starchy material.

GERES, Cambodia, for working with local potters to redesign the traditional charcoal stove so that it uses around a quarter less fuel, cooks more cleanly and quickly, and lasts longer.

GIRA, Mexico, who have designed and installed 3,500 stoves in kitchens in the Mexican highlands that cut fuel wood use by up to 60% and indoor air pollution by 70%.

See Photos of the projects at:hi res photos