Lanny Henson's Center Fire Wood Burner

Lanny Henson May 27, 2006

Henson Center fire, simple tin can wood gas burner cartridge module.

I think the wood burner below has potential, it had the best burn that I have seen with small wood and straw, but I am new to (wood gas?) burners so maybe not.

The improved center frame was simple and fast too build, it uses a spiral wire that is formed around a tube.

A funnel cut from the bottom of a pail (8” dia flat lay out) replaces the grate and focuses the combustion air and heated secondary combustion air up the center frame.
Small wood splinters and straw are used for fuel.

I light it from the bottom, Top lighting may be better.

It produced nice flames with no visible smoke.

Then the char burned and most of the ashes fell through the cone.

The next set up will control the combustion air to see if the burner can turn down without smoking.

1 Center Frame, Funnel Grate and Can1 Center Frame, Funnel Grate and Can
2 Center Frame Placed on Funnel Grate in Can2 Center Frame Placed on Funnel Grate in Can
3 Fill Burner With Wood3 Fill Burner With Wood
4 Light Below Funnel4 Light Below Funnel
5 Volatile Wood Gases Burning5 Volatile Wood Gases Burning
6 Char Burning in Funnel6 Char Burning in Funnel

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