Regional Training on Biomass Gasification for Thermal Applications in Cottage/Small Industries

Regional Training on Biomass Gasification for Thermal Applications in Small/Cottage Industries
Asia Regional Cookstove Program Regional Initiative
Yunnan Normal University, Kunming, China, 24th-27th July 2006

Organized by:
Asia Regional Cookstove Program, Indonesia & Solar Energy Research Institute, Yunnan Normal University, China

A significant proportion of rural population in Asia relies on traditional cottage/small scale industries as their source of livelihood. While at the same time it is also realized that these traditional small cottage industries have been facing/will face unfavourable economic situation due to decline of natural resources including energy resources, as well as increased competition in the market from more modern industries substituting traditional products. Energy utilization constitutes an important aspect for most of these industries. How energy is utilized in these industries may have significant immediate as well as long term impacts, such as on working environment,productivity, energy resources – all of which contribute to the economic viability of
these industries.

Due to a number of reasons, notably, limitations on resources and know how, over the years, improved cookstove programs have put less emphasis in addressing improvements of energy and related conditions in small/cottage industries.Gasification technology could potentially be an option in energy improvement intervention for cottage/small industries. However, even though gasification is a well known technology, practitioners, in particular those active in improved cookstove programs have little knowledge and know how to apply gasification into properly working equipment. On the other hand, there exist several types of gasifier for small to medium scale thermal applications that have been developed, e.g. various
gasifiers developed in China and India.

ARECOP Regional Initiative will be a means to introduce biomass gasification technologies to actors and organizations working in biomass energy, particularly those who have been engaged in small industries and household energy interventions – through transfer of experience, expertise and technologies. The Regional Initiative consists of a series of activities, which are, training, pilot
project implementation and a regional workshop. The training will be a means to introduce biomass gasification technology to actors working in biomass energy programs and build their capacities. Further, several pilot projects will be implemented in order to assess the viability of gasification technology in the Asian
context and how it could be a technological option for future energy intervention in the region. Lastly the Regional Workshop will be a means to share results of the pilot
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