Vivek - Burning Millet Husk in a Sawdust Burning Stove

Vivek - Burning Millet Husk in a Sawdust Burning Stove
A.D.Karve, Appropriate Rural Technology Institute, Pune, Inda, April 2006

Dear Roger,
millet husk can also be used in a saw dust burning stove. Any light biomass like threshing floor debris, dry leaves or saw dust is packed into the stove around two pipes, one vertical and the other horizontal. After packing the saw dust around the pipes, the pipes are removed by gently rotating them.
This leaves the biomass with an L shaped lumen. The stove is lighted by introducing a strip of burning waxed paper into the lower, horizontal arm of the L. If the lumen dimensions are correct, you get the gasifier effect with a very clean burn. One can also use dry leaves in such a stove. We have a model called "Vivek", which is quite popular in our locality. It was tested and accepted by Approvecho as a very cleanly burning stove.

Vivek - responsible and thoughtful behaviour (the opposite of rash and thoughtless action).

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