160 grams of charcoal boils and simmers 5 liters/CF04 Stove

160 grams of charcoal boils and simmers 5 liters/CF04 Stove
Lanny Henson www.lanny.us July 2, 2006

The CF04 Stove boiled and simmered 5 liters using only 160gr of charcoal and wood.

After several modifications to 4 different prototypes, it only took 150 gr of lump charcoal with 11% moisture and 10gr of wood to boil 5 liters of 83 degF/28.3 degC water in 45 min. That is 32 grams per liter to boil and simmer. At 1 hour after boiling the water was still simmering at 100 degC and after 2 hours the water was 205degF/96 degC. At this point I shut the air control and capped the pot module to stop the airflow and retain heat.

At 3 hours the water temp was 190 degF/87.8 degC and was 178 degF/ 81 degC at 4 hours.

Top lighting the burner takes a little longer but top lighting does not create any visible smoke or nasty smell like bottom lighting does.

I am very pleased with this stove. It is very easy to use and even though it takes 45 min to boil it requires no attention once lit.

I was expecting to take 12 prototypes to make the CF Stove a practical appliance but prototype 04 functions so well I believe I can do it in one half that amount.

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Lanny Henson

The CF04 Stove is built from used metal containers. (See image above)

150gr of charcoal and 10gr of wood, a heaping hand full

At 1 min, the Center Fire Burner has been top lit with a few drops of wax.
At two min it is ready for the pot. http://www.lanny.us/cf009.jpg

Tin can combustion air control in maximum open position http://www.lanny.us/cf007.jpg

Tin can combustion air control at simmer setting http://www.lanny.us/cf008.jpg

Lanny Henson

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