Dread & Works Enterprises, Improved Cookstove Producers, Lusaka, Zambia

Dread & Works Enterprises Improved Cookstove Producers
Chewe Lazarus, Lusaka, Zambia April 2006
Dread & Works Enterprises, Chewe Lazarus, Biomass Cookstoves Producer, Lusaka, Zambia April 2006

D&W Enterprise background
Dread & Works Enterprise is a Zambian registered enterprise which was established in December 2003 to principally, produce and promote various types of biomass efficient cook stove the are applicable in Zambia and the Southern African Development Community (SADC)as a whole.

Dread & Works Enterprise is one of the very few remaining producers and promoters biomass energy efficient cook stoves in Zambia. The project comprises of six staff and working in five community communities. We train communities in the construction of biomass energy efficient stoves. The enterprise is also involved in the construction of Chinese fixed dome Bio digesters for rural households in Southern province of Zambia.

Project Goals
Reduce expenditure on wood fuel for household in Zambia.
Create sustainable jobs for stove makers by fostering the local production of wood fuel efficient woodstoves
Introduce alternative designs of wood fuel-efficient stoves, which are easier and cost effective to produce. Such as the Gel fuel stove that uses ethanol as fuel.

Status and Accomplishments
Production and promotion of the biomass energy efficient stoves is still going on despite lack of institutional support (Government).
Monthly production of stoves is currently at 350 stoves per month.
The project has maintained supply of biomass energy efficient cook stoves to the already established market.
The project has trained more 40 communities members in the construction of improved wood stoves and some aspects on in door air pollution and kitchen management.

Deforestation is not seen and addressed as a significant environmental problem in Zambia both by Government and the people. And this scenario is similar in other countries in the SADC region.
The private sector is not clearly regulated in Zambia thereby, making it very difficult for private enterprises that are operating within the stipulated laws fairly compete with those operating outside of the law.

Funding is still a major hindrance. And Biomass energy conservation enterprises are not an exception. Lending institution consider this sector as a high-risk investment group with no tangible curatorial and business integrity.

Challenges and future plans
Riding with the change in greenhouse gases emission trading
Scale up production of stoves - expand both in number and geographically.
Reduce vulnerability to the adverse effect of climate change.
Project goals to be in line with achievable objectives.

Training in energy and environmental planning. Regional networking

Energy partner to help the enterprise in capacity building.

Seed money to enable the enterprise increase production and promotion activities.

For more information on Dread & Works Enterprise project activities, contact:

Lazarous Chewe
E-Mail: chewelazarus@yahoo.com
Phone:+260 097-354828
Po Box: 33728
Lusaka, Zambia

About the Jiko
The Jiko stove was first developed from the Thai bucket stove in Kenya , and was first introduced on the Zambian market by Care International and now being produced and promoted by Dread & Works Enterprises.

In 1998 CARE International conducted a user acceptance survey and the result has shown that the users are willing to adapt the Jiko as a household cooking apparatus.

The Jiko uses half charcoal than what an ordinary stove uses,
The Jiko has the life span of two years,
The Jiko helps reduce the rate of deforestation, and
Saves money.

How to use the Jiko
Put sizeable amount charcoal on the Jiko.
Paraffin to light the Jiko.
Ensure that the air gate is open to arrow air in the fire box.
Fan the Jiko through the air gate. Once the Jiko is read for use put the pot rests in position and start using the Jiko.
Do not pour water directly on the Jiko whilst it is hot.
In order to remove ash, do not shake the Jiko use a cooking stick and stir, the ashes will go down through the grates to the bottom of the Jiko.

Enterprise Profile courtesy of HEDON Household Energy NetworkAir Jordan