ELSA Stove

I have built the ELSA stove that's
documented here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55r5DmvT3XE .

I started with a stainless steel trashcan that had seen better days. I
unrolled it and glued on ELSA stove blueprints from the web. Then I cut out
the shapes with a 24 tpi bimetal blade in a jigsaw.

I don't have an anvil, or the sheet-metal "curling" tool (is there a name
for it?) that is shown in the video. I bent the metal over some angle-iron,
and I made the tool from some stainless tubing I bought at the hardware

I couldn't get the stove to light until I used the lighting cylinder, which
is shown in the video, for some extra draft. I used brown packing paper as
tinder, and wood pellets as fuel.

I attached a couple of photos. One shows the stove itself. You can see
that I'm an amateur fabricator. The other shows the stove under a kettle.
A lot of condensation forms on the kettle and, after the stove has burned
out, there is a thick layer of creosote on part of the kettle.

To avoid the creosote formation, I'm not sure if I should raise the kettle
to give the flame more time to burn out, or lower the flame by, say,
centrally introducing preheated secondary air---I am thinking of Kirk
Harris' design.


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