Bushcooker LT Four Dog Stove Co


DONALD KEVILUS has uploaded a video of his . well, I guess I can call it a titanium micro-Vesto. It is too small to be a 'mini'!

There is a video of Don at

It is available from Four Dog Stove. More info on their site: http://www.fourdog.com/index_files/bushcooker.htm

Don sent me one and the whole stove fits inside the pot used to do the cooking. It has a surprising number of parts including two what I assume are tent pegs to hold it firmly on the ground.

Very interesting approach to ultra-light 'bush cooking'.

Specifications from their web site:

  • Made from Titanium
  • Will bring 1 Liter of water to a boil in the following times:
    • 1 esbett tab 6 minutes
    • 1 oz alcohol 4 minutes
    • 3 oz of dry twigs 6 minutes
    • 4 charcoal briquettes, 12 minutes with 90 minutes of cook time
  • Allows the user to bake using the Outback oven with wood, charcoal or solid fuel tabs
  • Available in 3 sizes