1,000 families in Bolivia benefit from Ecological Stoves

Today CEDESOL signed a contract with the GTZ for the first 1,000 improved stoves in their project titled “Stoves for a Better Life: Implementation of a Strategy using Ecological and Improved Stoves for Residences.”

In the attached article are photos of the Dual Combustion Rocket taken in demonstrations in rural areas in Bolivia, all above an altitude of 2,800 meters, where meals were prepared for between 25 and 65 participants who had gathered to appraise the stove. It is significant that after only 6 demonstrations, written requests from community leaders have been generated for over 500 stoves. During July and August, CEDESOL in conjunction with Sobre la Roca will begin training workshops and delivery of these stoves.

Ethos teams are working with CEDESOL to help evaluate performance and improve fabrication efficiency. 18 to 30 jobs will be created in addition to reducing indoor airpollution by 95% and fuel use by over 50% in the families opting to acquire these subsidized Ecological cookers. Integrated use of solar, rocket biomass and retained heat cookers are the core of Ecological cooking.
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