Best Selling Stoves for 2006

Best Selling Stoves for 2006
Tom Miles, November 7, 2006

We have seen many new and improved prototype and demonstration stoves on the list this year but stoves are only effective if they are built and used. To get an idea of how many stoves are being built in different areas we'd like to develop a list of this year's "production."

What stoves have been built in large quantities this year? Where? How many?
And by what organizations? Contact? Any number qualifies.

We'll put the list on the web with links to information about the stoves.

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Anagi, Sri Lanka, 300,000, Integrated Development Association (IDEA), R.M.Amerasekera
New Lao Bucket, Cambodia, ??, GERES/Cambodia Fuel Savings Program (CFSP),
Sixbricks, Uganda, ??, Aprovecho/AID Africa, Ken Goyer
Upesi, Kenya, ??, Practical Action
Rocket Ecolenca, Ecofogon, Central America, ??, Trees Water and People, Stuart Conway
Onil, Guatemala, ??, HELPS International, Don Oneal
Compact Biogas, India, ??, Appropriate Rural Technology Insitute, AD Karve