Regional Training on Biomass Fuel Upgrading, 26 February-7 March 2007, Pak Chong, Thailand

Regional Training on Biomass Fuel Upgrading, 26 Feb- 7 March 2007, Pak Chong, Thailand

The Training will be co-organized by ARECOP and Appropriate Technology Association, an NGO based in Pak Chong. ARECOP have engaged three resource persons for the training: Rudianto Utama from Yayasan Dian Tama, Indonesia and Puttinan, an independent charcoal entrepreneur from Pak Chong and Dr. A.D. Karve of Appropriate Rural Technology Institute, India. There is a further possibility of engaging another resource person, a Japanese charcoal expert.

The module consist of theoretical and hands on/practical sessions on: carbonization, charcoal production technology for wood as well as loose biomass, briquetting technology and wood vinegar (charcoal by product) production.

From ARECOP (Dec 21, 2007):
*Regional Training on High Quality Charcoal and Briquetting*
*Pak Chong**, **Thailand***
*26 February – **7 March, 2007***

*Organized by: **Asia** Regional **Cookstove Program**, **Indonesia** & Appropriate Technology Association, **Thailand***


**Biomass energy has been the most sustainable fuel in the world as for centuries, people have been using biomass fuel for many different purposes for cooking, small industries, etc.. Even at present, large number of Households and small industries still use biomass as their main fuel.

However, the use of biomass fuel has also indicated of having negative impact most especially to the health of the users in this case women and also contributors to air pollution both indoor and outdoor. Therefore if the biomass fuel can be upgraded so that it can becomes cleaner fuel, it may substantially increase the environmental condition through the reduction of emissions to both indoor and outdoor environments.

While research and development of renewable energy technologies receive widespread attention all over the world, the improved and more efficient use of biomass-based energy resources, such as for instance the briquetting of agricultural wastes and other loose biomass residues like leaves, sawdust, etc. remains under-explored; while technologies are developed, they are under utilized due to lack of their dissemination.

Charcoal making and use is popular in many Asian countries and it has been used for centuries for cooking and ironing. Charcoal is also popularly used in many small industries such as blacksmithing, foundries, food industries and restaurants. Yet, the technology of charcoal production remains traditional and inefficient. The inefficiency of charcoal production also leads to waste of resources.

By providing an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to introduce improved carbonizing and low-density briquetting technologies, besides making better use of existing natural resources, opportunities for local income generation among developing communities will be created. The technologies, although are relatively simple and cheap, have not been well diffused in Asia resulting in very few initiatives in their applications.

To address the lack of skill and know-how and awareness on the potential of charcoal production and briquetting to upgrade biomass fuel into better and cleaner fuel, ARECOP try to pull expertise in the region to share their skills and knowledge in the Regional Training on High Quality Charcoal Production and Briquetting.

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1. (Mr) Sigiura Sensei (Charcoal expert from Japan)
2. (Mr) Hiruwaka Sensei (Charcoal expert from Japan)
3. Dr. A.D. Karve : (Inventor of ARTI Char briquetting system, Ashden Awards
4. Mr. Puttinan : Charcoal producer in Thailand
5. Mr. Iwan Baskoro : Director of Cambodia Fuel Wood Saving Project-GERES
6. Mr. Aryanto Sudjarwo : ARECOP technical Officer
7. Mr. Rudianta Utama (Charcoal expert, Indonesia)

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