Lanny Henson's Center Fire Charcoal Burner

Lanny Henson, May 26, 2006

Center fired cartridge burner modules for wood and charcoal.

Easy and quick to fire, heat generating modules.

They are refillable and reusable.

They take all the heat stress/ware and are simple enough to be used as consumable stove parts.

They are easy to store for use in emergencies or for outdoor cooking and can be used it with a variety of other heat utilizing devices.

This charcoal cartridge burner center fired module is flexible and can be used it with a variety of heat utilizing devices.

It is efficient, 1 ½ lb (24 Kingsford briquettes) will heat a Webber Smoky Mountain BBQ smoker to 450 degF to grill. Most use 5 or 10 lbs and struggle to get 300 degF.

It uses a center wire frame (name suggestion) and a simple folded bar grate.

10 grams of corrugated and 10 grams of wood are used in the center frame to light the charcoal.

It is lit from the bottom.

1 Center Frame To Hold  Briquettes1 Center Frame To Hold Briquettes

2 Frame on Metal Grate2 Frame on Metal Grate

3 Frame on Grate in Container3 Frame on Grate in Container

4 Fill Container With Charcoal Briquettes4 Fill Container With Charcoal Briquettes

5 Light Briquettes From Bottom5 Light Briquettes From Bottom

6 Volatiles Burn As Charcoal Ignites6 Volatiles Burn As Charcoal Ignites

8 Temperature Rises Quickly to 450 F8 Temperature Rises Quickly to 450 F
9 Plastic Can Covers on Lanny's Burner for Storage9 Plastic Can Covers on Lanny's Burner for Storage

Copyright Lanny Henson 2006

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