Help Evaluate our Beta Stoves Web Site

<p>We've created a new beta interface for the Biomass Cooking Stoves List. The main reason for creating the new interface is to make it easier for us to manage content and for users to access and exchange information. While there is more work to be done before we make it the main site (at REPP) and publicize it to the list members we'd like your comments and suggestions.</p> <p>We have created the basic structure and some of content has been transferred. There are still menu categories to develop and much content to organize. We think that we have created a better way to access the more than 5,000 files on the Stoves site. The site will incorporate an RSS feed so that you can be automatically updated about changes to the site. We look forward to adding audio and video (podcasts) to the site. We have structured the site so that we can easily make a Spanish twin (Estufas y Cocinas Mejoradas).</p> <p>Please login, enter the requested information and a password, and look around.</p> <p>Is the site easy to access? If not, please explain.</p> <p>Is it easier to find content? Our site "search" isn't working right yet but you can enter some terms and find some entries.</p> <p>Are you likely to use the site?</p> <p>Are you likely to contribute information to the site?</p> <p>What do you see as the main value of the site to you as we have presented it?</p> <p>What's missing?</p> <p>What terms or categories should be added to menus, like for emissions, health, performance, safety and dissemination?</p> <p>As contributors to the stoves list what information would you like to see highlighted?</p>