HELPS Year-End Status 2005

Don Oneal, HELPS, December 2005

Dear All,


Following is a short year-end status report of HELPS work in Guatemala .


HELPS has now delivered over 12,000+ plancha stoves and 5,000+ Nixtamal stoves. We are also scrambling to fill a backlog of stove orders of over 6,000.  Last month a single NGO ordered over 4,000 stoves and we have been notified they are collecting money for an additional 5,000.  Production is at 1,200 per month and the new stove factory built this year will add 1250 per month to the capacity starting in January.  We were delayed about a month due to the storm damage. 


SOSEP and other NGOs have purchased over 10,000 water filters in the last three months for the relief effort.  The Retained Heat Cooker is in field test in three villages and has received good acceptance but requires a lot of introduction and training as expected.  It will do well.


This year HELPS medical teams did 1,239 major surgeries and treated 14,172 patients in clinic and the school in Santa Avelina graduated another class.  HELPS provided scholarships to those that wanted to go for further education and had the grades to support it.  Lois got a grant from United Way to put a computer learning center in the school with satellite connection for teledistance learning. She also got a contract from the EPA for a elementary level education module for indoor air quality education.


Our Agriculture program introduced a improve corn production program in Santa Avelina with a 400% increase in yield over a control group using their traditional planting methods.  Nearly every farmer in the area wants to use the improved method next season.


I attached a photo of Richard with the Guatemalan President and First Lady, Oscar and Wendy Berger, at a stove introduction.


I can't believe how fast time is going by!  


Donation can be sent to the HELPS office at 15301 Dallas Parkway, Suite 200 , Addison TX 75001 .

My best to you all and to your family.





Don  O'Neal
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Onil stove

Richard, Guatemalan President Oscar and first Lady Wendy Berger